Looking for software support?

You can save on operation and labor by having your customers use iletmen software.

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What is software support?

We support you with our software developed with our 7+ years of experience in the industry, which will reduce the workforce in the field for your courier operation, save you time and keep you in full control.

Admin Panel

Admin panel with many functions where you can manage all your iletmens, member businesses and create sub-administrators.

Mobile Application

A mobile application that has many features that reduce the operational workforce, such as viewing shift hours and uploading invoices, in addition to the main roles for your iletmens, such as receiving and delivering their orders.

I Have a Package

With our I Have a Package panel, businesses in your region can complete their membership process and request a courier from the iletmen pool you have created in your region, at the prices per package or per kilometer you determine.

Single Screen

With our single screen panel, your member businesses can combine your food orders from food platforms on a single screen. They can request automatic iletmen for each incoming order.

QR Menu

Your customers can easily transfer the menu from the platforms on a single screen panel and receive commission-free orders with the QR menu they created. They can use it as a table menu in their businesses.

Salary Calculation

Depending on the number of packages carried by your iletmens and the daily shift hours, you can automatically calculate monthly salaries by entering different per-package and hourly rates for each iletmen.


You can view the location of your member businesses on maps and also track the location of your iletmens live. You can check the historical daily and hourly location movements of your iletmens.


You can view the reports of your member businesses packages transported between certain dates, the quantity and performance reports of your iletmen packages transported between certain dates, and the income and expense reports of your regions.


An invoice automatically generated by the integration will be automatically sent to your member business that has loaded the balance or top-up, within 12 hours. At the same time, you can receive payments by credit card from your member businesses with our virtual POS integration.


We make the courier operation as easy as possible

In addition to the POS systems we are currently integrated with, we provide integration services for your customers working with any POS system. In this way, your member businesses handle this task on behalf of your software member businesses with POS integrations, without having to enter the address to be sent to the iletmen system.